Out of Office is here to elevate your remote work experience

Access a network of inspiring spaces across the city that make you even more eager to work. Choose a different and ideal place to work, depending on the day.

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OOO gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere, at any time

After the pandemic has shown us the benefits of not having to go into the office every day, we are here to take these one step further. Can you imagine working from a terrace, a place overlooking the sea, or an art gallery? Out Of Office is for you.

Out of Office also allows you to pay only for the hours you use, without any commitment.

Take control.
Embrace the movement.

We designed Out Of Office for everyone who is tired of working from home, who needs inspiration and motivation, and who isn't willing to go back to the office.

If you like the benefits of remote working but don't have the ideal conditions at home, Out of Office is the answer.


Embrace this new worldwide trend.
Work Out of Office.



since 1,25€/hour

4h Plan



8h Plan



10% Discount/Hour

40h Plan



20% Discount/Hour

Premium Plan



35% Discount/Hour

Out of Office is working without the obligation to go into the office


It's choosing the ideal place to work, depending on the day


It's having control of your own time


It's making work a way of life rather than living outside of it.


In inspiring places that make you even more motivated to work


From €1,25/hour!


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